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Why add seatbelts?
There are a considerable number of contracts and private hire requirements that have the condition of seatbelts for a set number of seats. Without belted buses within your fleet, you will be unable to win these contracts or private hires. This is where we can help! We retrofit seatbelts to buses you already own, or a bus you are purchasing from us. We offer a no non-sense approach and provide you with fixed timescales and regular updates.
01. Preparation
Whether we are retrofitting a bus you own, or if you are purchasing one from us, our process is very similar. First, the interior is stripped and deep cleaned to ensure your seats are as clean as they can be for re-fitting at a later stage.
02. Integrity and installation
We evaluate the structure of the bus to ensure the strength of the bus can support the seatbelts being installed. The seatbelts are then mounted to the seats and tested.
03. Interior reconstruction
The team then reconstruct the interior of the bus to ensure that the bus is structurally sound, safe and functioning as normal.
04. Deep clean
Your bus then undergoes a meticulous deep clean to ensure that when it arrives back with you, it is in the best condition it can be. We like to present our buses in a "fit for service" condition, nobody likes a mess!
05. DVSA Certification
Finally, an updated VTP5 form is submitted. Your bus is then subject to rigorous testing by a DVSA examiner to ensure sound integrity and the safety of the seatbelts. Once passed, you will obtain a new COIF to confirm DVSA certification before being presented to you by either collection or delivery.
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